"The Last Great Giveaway" Event Recap feat. Hello New Jersey Podcast!

The Last Great Giveaway

This past Sunday, Sunny Vapes hosted "The Last Great Giveaway."  The event was a great opportunity for the community to learn what was changing within the vape industry. As of August, 8th 2016, the vape world has been forever altered. The FDA imposed sweeping prohibitive regulations that struck vaping businesses, manufacturers, and vapers alike. 



Due to the nature of the regulations, this was Sunny Vapes' last chance to offer free samples.  The Vapor Chef provided t-shirts and dozens of delicious liquids to take home, free of charge, for the last time.



Some of the restrictions imposed on businesses include:

  • No free samples or giveaways of liquids or hardware
  • No aiding customers with their hardware, including coil or tank installation or filling
  • Claims can no longer be made that e-cigarettes and vapor products are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.



Local vape diva Ashley "ashkans8808" was on hand for a meet and greet.  She was also interviewed by the Hello New Jersey team.  Her presence added a spark of fun and optimism to the faces who attended. Check out her social media channels below:








Hello New Jersey was on hand to broadcast live their fun and informative podcast.  They touched on several topics within the state and wrapped up with an interview featuring Sunny Vapes co-owner, Marcus Bower.  To listen in on the podcast and find out more about Hello New Jersey, check out the links below:








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