Sunny Vapes announces new, touch-screen menu!

The fun and excited continues to grow at Sunny Vapes!  This month, a new digital menu has been introduced.  September marks the end of an antiquated era of flipping through paper menus. Gone are the days of nothing but words on a page to allow the many delicious flavors of e-liquid to shine.

Guests can now click by category to easily navigate and find out which flavors they are most interested in.  Some of the categories include: Most Popular, Fruits, Dessert, Minty and Tobacco.  Since it's introduction, the digital menu has provided a fun and visually pleasing way to discover just what gems Sunny Vapes has in stock.



A cinematic representation of the new experience at Sunny Vapes can be seen in their new YouTube ad spot entitled "Stay Sunny."  Stay Sunny has become a tag line of sorts that encompasses the in-shop experience.  One stop at the shop and it's easy to see how dedicated the staff is to making your future brighter!