Meet The Owners: Marcus Bower and David Kim

   Marcus Bower & David Kim.

   As former professional poker players, fate would align their paths on a chilly fall day in 2011 at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. David and Marcus tangled in a poker hand  which left Marcus curious whether he had been bluffed. Intrigued by David's courageous betting style, he approached David after the hand. "Yes, I bluffed you. I had Ace High," David proclaimed. Ironically, that was when their friendship began, one which was sparked by the willingness to challenge each other.


   The motivating spirit of their friendship eventually landed them as business partners at Sunny Vapes.  About a year ago, they decided to open a shop that would offer an experience unlike those which they were frequently encountering. The shop would be based on putting the customers' needs, feelings, and comfort at the heart of the vaping experience.


   Everyday, David & Marcus focus on those ideals. Whether it be a new kit, accessory, repair, or e-liquid, matching the best product or service to the given individual remains their sole focus.  David and Marcus invite you, your friends, and family to visit the shop next time you are at the shore. Visit, share your story with us, and check out all that we offer to make your vaping experience amazing.

Marcus Bower and David Kim, Owners, Sunny Vapes LLC